written by Wallace Shawn
directed by Knud Adams
with Theda Hammel, Gordon Landenberger + Matt Barats, Peter Mills Weiss, Eudora Peterson, Lorelei Ramirez, Alexandra Tatarsky
set by Gordon Landenberger
sound and original music by Theda Hammel
lights by Kate McGee
produced by John Early + Allie Jane Compton



"Hammel and Landenberger devour their roles, and their design concepts add elegance and gloom to this menacing urban milieu, a place where ambient sounds are exaggerated and the lights never fully come on. (The party scene is especially surreal, staged in the dark with the drinks in glowing tumblers.)... Marie and Bruce is a grueling experience for artists and audiences alike. But if you were going to revive it, Adams, Hammel, and Landenberger are the artistic team you’d want."
Miriam Felton-Dansky, Village Voice

"An excellent production... Directed by Knud Adams, the production moves confidently through its paces and makes clever use of the various nooks and crannies of the theater itself."
Dan O'Neil, Culturebot

"The highly performative display of loathing creates a weird frisson of erotic challenge. The leads’ acting is not traditionally polished, but the scene has a punk energy — Mr. Adams has demonstrated his touch with off-kilter comedy in such plays as 'Tin Cat Shoes' and 'The Workshop.'"
Elisabeth Vincentelli, New York Times

(photos by Knud Adams)