written by Sofia Alvarez
directed by Knud Adams

with Maggie Bofill, Brian Miskell, Cesar J. Rosado, Claire Siebers, and Sheila Vand

set by Andrew Moerdyk
original music by Anand Wilder
sound design by John Gasper
lights by Kate McGee
stage managed by Pat Harnett-Marshall
produced by Nicola Korzenko + Blockchain Theater Project



[BEST BET] "Nylon is a rare treat. This is intimate black (or in this case white) box theatre at its best. It’s a joy to watch this excellent five-person ensemble up close and personal… Director Knud Adams wisely makes the experience an uber-intimate one by cutting the TheaterLab space in half, thereby creating an extremely shallow playing space. The piece feels less like a play and more like an examination of five characters under a microscope.”
Ken Kaissar, Theater is Easy

[★★★★] "Like flies on the wall to both aggressive and tender moments, what director Knud Adams achieves is mirroring in the audience a similar feeling of suffocation and inescapable angst that our protagonist Anna is grappling with on stage.”
Nicole Cardoni, Plays to See

"Directed by Knud Adams, Sofia Alvarez’s “Nylon” — evidently a response, at least in part, to Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House” — is so simmeringly alive in its opening scene that we invest in these characters immediately… Mr. Adams, a smart and inventive director.”
Laura Collins-Hughes, New York Times

(photos by Knud Adams)