written by Torrey Townsend
directed by Knud Adams

performed by Austin Pendleton, Tim Platt, Cesar J. Rosado, Claire Siebers, Laura Lassy Townsend, Torrey Townsend, Christopher White

set + lights by Oona Curley
sound by Peter Mills Weiss
costumes by Lauren Levin

softFocus, Bank Street Theater


[CRITICS' PICK] "An incisive and insightful tale of ambition and envy, inspiration and mediocrity... Knud Adams craftily uses the tight confines to create and sustain tension, and the actors portraying the students are all excellent."
Elizabeth Vincentelli, New York Times

[RECOMMENDED, ★★★★] "Well-performed [and] bracingly cynical... Knud Adams’s intimate production tucks us close enough that we can smell the spilled coffee."
Helen Shaw, Time Out New York
"One hell of an evening of theater. Directed with a deft and unaffected hand by Knud Adams and featuring a shattering central performance by Austin Pendleton."
Sara Holdren, Vulture

[VOICE CHOICE] "The intimate, tight-focus staging by director Knud Adams in the lobby of the HB Playwrights Theater is perfectly scaled: 41 audience members on bleachers mere feet away from squirming students and bloviating prof... The young ensemble is appealing and precise in their character typing, and Pendleton does Pendleton — the elvish, shambolic shaman — surpassingly well." 
David Cote, Village Voice

(photos by Knud Adams)